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Can adopted children inherit their adoptive the property of parents?

The trend of adopting children is becoming more and more popular in Vietnamese society. During the process of the adoptive parents taking care of and nurturing the adult child, the relationship between the adopted child and the adoptive parents becomes closer, seeing each other as blood. Besides positive emotional developments, many surrounding issues also gradually appear and become the concern of many people. One of the outstanding issues that cannot be ignored is whether adopted children can inherit their adoptive property parents or not? This is an issue that many people are concerned about from a legal perspective. In this article, Apolo Lawyers will help readers learn about this issue in detail. In case you need advice, please contact us via email at or Hotline - (+84) 903 419 479 for the best advice and support.

1. How is the right to inherit property of adopted children regulated by law?

Between adoptive parents and adopted children, there is a relationship of caring, nurturing, and educating each other like parents and biological children. When the parents pass away, especially in cases where the adoptive parents do not leave a will, the adopted child can still be adopted. inherit the estate of adoptive parents according to the provisions of law.

Article 653 of the 2015 Civil Code stipulates the right to inheritance between adopted children and adoptive parents similar to children with biological parents. And this inheritance right is implemented according to the provisions of Article 651 and Article 652 of the 2015 Civil Code.

Thus, when the adoptive parents die and the adopted child is eligible for inheritance according to the provisions of law, the adopted child will still enjoy the assets left by their adoptive parents.

Can-adopted-children-inherit-their-adoptive-the-property-of-parentsCan adopted children inherit their adoptive the property of parents?

2. Conditions for adopted children to inherit like biological children.

The fact that an adopted child can inherit the same inheritance as a biological child needs to be based on many conditions. Below are some points that the law often determines so that adopted children are considered heirs of property like biological children

This relationship is determined based on child adoption registration in accordance with the provisions of Article 24 of the 2010 Law on Adoption. When registered in accordance with the law, the relationship between parents and adopted child has full rights. , obligations to each other.

2.2. Care and nurture:

This care and nurturing may include the adopted child living with the adoptive parents for a sufficient period of time and being considered part of the family.

2.3. Intentions of adoptive parents:

The adoptive intentions of parents regarding inheritance may also play an important role in determining whether an adopted child is considered an heir like a biological child. This can be expressed through a will or other legal documents that the adoptive parents may create.

3. Lawyers advise on solutions to inheritance disputes:

Can-adopted-children-inherit-their-adoptive-the-property-of-parentsCan adopted children inherit their adoptive the property of parents?

Disputes over inheritance are quite complicated conflict situations, especially between adopted children and biological children, between adopted children in the relationship with their adoptive parents, and these conflicts can arise from many other causes. together.

If you find it too difficult or need support, please contact Apolo Lawyers. With a team of lawyers and legal experts with extensive experience in the field of inheritance, we can guide you through the legal procedures properly and minimize the possibility of disputes.

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