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Understanding commercial contracts signed electronically
Legal Articles Phương Dung 17/06/2024
Commercial contracts signed electronically are agreements executed through digital means, such as email, websites, or electronic transaction systems, rather than traditional paper-based methods. Commercial contracts leverage various technologies to ensure
How many properties can foreigners buy in Vietnam?
Legal Articles Phương Dung 11/06/2024
The topic explores the intricacies surrounding foreigners purchasing real estate in Vietnam. It delves into the legal framework and regulations that govern property ownership for non-citizens in the country.
Exploring environmental impact assessment
Legal Articles Phương Dung 10/06/2024
This process aims to ensure that decision-makers consider environmental impacts before deciding whether to proceed with new projects. EIA is essential for promoting sustainable development by anticipating and mitigating the negative impacts on the environ
Signs of identifying fraudulent appropriation of property under Vietnamese criminal law
Legal Articles Phương Dung 05/06/2024
The crime of fraudulent appropriation of property, as stipulated under Vietnamese criminal law, includes clear identifying factors through the subjective, objective, subject, and object aspects.
Everything You Need to Know About Personal Income Tax
Legal Articles Phương Dung 03/06/2024
Always consider seeking advice from a tax professional to tailor these general principles to your specific circumstances and stay updated on any changes in tax laws that may affect you.
07 Cases in which The Court returns a civil lawsuit petition
Legal Articles Phương Dung 29/05/2024
Filing a civil lawsuit petition is a crucial step for individuals seeking legal redress for grievances or disputes. However, not all petitions make it past the initial submission stage. Courts have stringent requirements and procedural rules that must be
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