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APOLO LAWYERS - Solicitors & Litigators, a law firm of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association, with the principle of operation "to help, to protect!".

The firm’s mission Apolo Lawyers has always focused on its towards becoming “Clients Success”. Apolo Lawyers has thus attained for not only as a legal advisor but also as a legal partner that clients can trust.

When client using Apolo Lawyers’s legal services, you will take  a quality and professional service by Solicitors and Litigators who have high professional qualification, long - term practice experience and a team of paralegals who working conscientiously, enthusiastically and effectively. 

Furthermore, Apolo Lawyers has established well relations with apparatus of Vietnam government at all level of jurisdictions. Consequently, the globalisation in knowledge of our lawyers all together with their rich in legal experience would allow Apolo Lawyers to meet most of client requirements in terms of complexity and variety guaranteed to satisfy “Client Success” at superior level. 

Our Typical clients:

     + Kyoei Steel Group (Japan);

     + Raffles Group (Singapore);

     + DongBang Material (Korea);

     + Auchan Group (France);

     + Clair Group (Sigapore);

     + Phú Cường Group (Vietnam);

     + Tấn Trường Company (Vietnam);

     + And many other companies.

Please contact with us immediately to experience a quality legal service. Please visit the pages below to find out more information about us:

- About our legal services, please visit here.

- Contact Info, please visit here.

- Brochure about us, please download here.

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