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Guide to get married in Vietnam

In many places, getting married is as easy as making the decision, showing up at a government office, saying a few words, and signing a few papers. Vietnam is not one of those places.

What is the condition to register marriage in Vietnam?

      -    The woman must be at least 18 and the man 20 or older

      -    Both must be:

  • Not in certificated marriage
  • Capable of making independent decisions
  • They must not share any blood relatives within the last three generations

Which documents do we need to register marriage in Vietnam?

      -    Applications for marriage;

      -    Non-Vietnamese citizen’s passport and/ or Vietnamese cetizen’s indentify card;

      -   A written certification granted by a Vietnamese or foreign competent health organization within 6 months to the date of the dossiers is submitted;

      -    Affidavit of Single Status. The applicant can request this document from the civil registry in the state in which he/she resides or complete this affidavit at the Embassy/Consulate in Vietnam. This affidavit must be signed within six months of application for a marriage certificate.

      -    A letter by the  local vital statistics office certifies that no marriage license or marriage certificate of the applicant is found within the state where the applicant is residing in.

Where do we register marriage in Vietnam?

District People’s Committee (which is directly handled by the District Justice Office) where the Vietnamese citizen or non-Vietnamese citizen resides.

How long can we receive the marriage certificate?

Time limit for marriage registration in Vietnam is 15 days as from the date when the District Justice Office receives complete and valid dossiers. In cases which need to be verified by the police offices, the time can be extended to 10 more days.


  • All documents obtained from the U.S. must be accompanied by a certified translation into Vietnamese from either the Vietnamese Consulate/Embassy in the foreign country or a Vietnamese notary public;
  • After receiving complete dossiers and fees, District Justice Office shall conduct a face-to-face interview with both parties in order to examine and clarify the voluntariness of their marriages, their capability of communication with one another in a common language and their understanding about each other.

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