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How to apply for the Enterprise Registration Certificate in Vietnam

Vietnam is known as an attractive investment destination for foreign investors. In recent years, the Government is continuing commitment to encouraging investment and integrating Vietnam into the international market. However, the legal landscape for doing business in Vietnam has changed significantly since 2020 including the Law on Enterprise and the Law on Investment,…

General view

Foreigners can invest in Vietnam in several ways including establishing a new enterprise or acquiring, investing in an existing enterprise; setting up a branch or representative office or using contractual arrangements. The incorporation process of each company form and generally takes from 1 to 3 months. With establishing a new enterprise or acquiring, the Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) is the second mandatory document to be obtained during the registration procedure.

What are the other documents that need to be drafted?

The following essay, we will consult how to apply for an ERC after the Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) is issued.

The documents shall be drafted for registration record include:

  • Application for enterprise registration;
  • Company charter;
  • List of members if establishing a limited liability company;

List of founding partner and list of foreign investors if establishing a joint stock company;

  • Certified true copies of the following documents:
  • IRC;
  • Citizen card, ID card or passport of the legal representative;
  • Citizen card, ID card, passport if the members/ founding partner/ foreign investor is individual;

Business registration certificate or equivalent document of the organization if the members/ founding partner/ foreign investor is organization.

Note: The copy of such documents must be consularly legalized.

Agency for submitting application file: Business Registration Office - Department of Plan and Investment of the province/ city where the enterprise is headquartered.

The time to receive the results: Within 03 working days from the date of receiving complete and valid document.

The Apolo Lawyers is a domestic law firm which can help your business registration in Vietnam. We can give you advice on the most suitable company forms; instructions about relevant documents and submission of applications as well as provide legal assistance during business registration.

In addition, we will be like a professional consultancy which can not only draft these documents on your behalf but also ensure that you are awarded registration certificates for setting up an enterprise in the stipulated time.

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